The Citadel is unique from other Portals in Eternal Vigilance (EV), we describe it as a ‘Community Gaming Hub’. Its primary purpose is to provide and encompass many different games and genres under a unique name; specifically for those that do not have a “home” in other Portals within EV, providing structure and administration to foster interest and coordination. The Citadel is the heart of Eternal Vigilance, the centralised Portal where all members come together and the preferred first step to joining our community. It is a resource for our members to play the various games that we all enjoy and to build up our community as a whole. Some games will be played very casually while others may be given direction and set forth goals. If and when a game receives enough vested interest by those within EV, it will likely leave the Citadel and becomes its own Portal under the leadership of a Core Member. If interest wanes and the Portal is unable to support itself, it will return to The Citadel.

It will be a constant among an ever changing multiplayer gaming landscape and build up a community that will last as games come and go.

Games Regularly Being Played:
Battlefront 2

Simply to foster a friendly and mature community for members to feel at home in and enjoy gaming to the fullest.

CO: Twipper_Tux

Why join?
If you’re looking for a fun loving, no nonsense and mature gaming community look no further. Eternal Vigilance has existed for over a decade and all of that experience has allowed us to achieve many goals and by joining the Citadel you will be taking your first step in becoming apart of an ever growing legacy. Should you be accepted, you will have a place here, whether you plan on just playing casually or looking to test your skill competitively. To learn how to apply, refer to the Citadel forums.

Learn more, click here to visit our forums.

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