Eternal Vigilance is not merely a ‘clan’ – we like to call ourselves a multi-gaming guild, and this is a source of great pride to us. We have crafted a chain of command that is conducive to such an environment; constantly adapting to the interests of the members so that your membership with Eternal Vigilance lasts longer than your interest in a single game. When you join Eternal Vigilance, you are making a decision that will likely benefit you for years to come.

In our experience, multi-gaming guilds – guilds that participate in multiple games and expand in directions dictated by the interests of its members – have not only a much longer lifespan, but perform exceedingly well in every game that they choose to participate in. This is only logical; members of multi-gaming guilds have known each other for years and have this advantage under their belt when working together towards goals in new games. When we created Eternal Vigilance, we knew from the beginning that this advantage would be invaluable towards the success of the guild.

Thus, from the very start, we have shaped and streamlined our structure to support the strenuous demands of such ambitious endeavors. We have carefully, with much thought and attention to detail, created a fluid system unlike any that has ever been attempted before. Admittedly it didn’t start off this way – there were many rough edges and hurdles to jump over, but that’s the beauty of it… over time we have grown to wholly appreciate the evolution of our structure. Through a careful balance of ambition, grandiose “what if” imaginings, and the practical application of ‘KISS’ (Keep it Simple, Stupid) we have developed a friendly, atmospheric gaming community that operates like a well-oiled machine.