Your path to joining Eternal Vigilance begins with a choice. You may choose to become a Partner Member or a Portal Member, or both. You could also choose to become a Core Member, but we recommend spending time as a Partner or Portal Member first. Read the description of each rank and then scroll down to the bottom of this page to make your choice.


  • All members are required to be at least 18 years of age at the time of admission.
  • Regardless of how you choose to join the guild, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself on our forums.

Partner Member

Partner Members are members of Eternal Vigilance who have expressed an interest in our multi-gaming platform. Becoming a Partner Member will grant you the ability to pass freely between our portals in different games (exempting you from their individual application procedures).

Below are some of the reasons you may be interested in becoming a Partner Member.

  • You enjoy playing more than one game, and would like to be able to do so under the banner of Eternal Vigilance with other Eternal Vigilance members for years to come.
  • You wish to remain a member of Eternal Vigilance for longer than the duration of a single portal’s lifespan. Partner Membership does not end if a portal closes for whatever reason; Portal Membership does, and if you are not a Partner Member, Core Member or a member of another portal, this will mean the end of your Eternal Vigilance membership.

To become a Partner Member, you must receive an invitation from any Core Member. You can ask a Core Member for an invitation, or you can wait for someone to offer you an invitation. There is no application process beyond the requirement that you earn the trust of at least one Core Member. If you would like to increase the odds that you will receive an invitation, you can declare your interest in obtaining Partner Membership by submitting this optional form. Once you have submitted the form, your interest will be advertised to the Core Members; they will be made aware that you would like to become a Partner Member, and one of them may choose to extend an invitation to you.

Portal Member

Portal Members are members of Eternal Vigilance who belong to a portal (an organized group of Eternal Vigilance members playing a single game or grouping of games). The nature of Portal Membership between portals can vary and is highly dependent on the design or rank structure of the portal you seek to join. However, Portal Members are universally guaranteed the right to a vote during the Portal Commander elections, granting you the opportunity to hold sway and influence the direction that your portal takes.

If you choose to join Eternal Vigilance as a Portal Member only, and do not become a Partner or Core Member, you are declaring an interest in playing with Eternal Vigilance in only the game portal(s) you have individually applied for, and will not gain privileges that enable you to participate in the multi-gaming aspects of our guild. However, there is nothing preventing you from first becoming a Portal Member to test the waters, and then later becoming a Partner or Core Member if you decide you would like to make a deeper commitment.

Below are some of the reasons you may be interested in becoming a Portal Member without Partner or Core Membership status.

  • You are interested in playing with Eternal Vigilance in only one game, or do not mind applying again if you wish to join a second portal.
  • You do not foresee an interest in one day becoming the leader of the portal you are joining. You may still become an Officer if your portal’s design allows it, however.

Core Member

Core Members are just like Partner Members, but they have some additional privileges, and it is more difficult to become one. Like Partner Members, Core Members can participate in the multi-gaming aspects of Eternal Vigilance by passing freely between portals, but they can also start portals, lead portals, become the leader of the entire community (the Master Chancellor), vote on who should become the Master Chancellor, propose amendments to the guild charter, and more.

Below are some of the reasons you may be interested in becoming a Core Member.

  • You foresee belonging to Eternal Vigilance for many years, and would like to help steer the course as the community evolves.
  • You enjoy taking initiative and participating in leadership.
  • You believe strongly in the Eternal Vigilance Charter and would like to be an advocate for the principles espoused by it.

To become a Core Member, you must satisfy a few pre-requisites and undergo an application process. Core Membership is not viewed as entry-level, so we recommend waiting to apply for Core Membership until you have spent considerable time around Eternal Vigilance members, preferably as a Partner Member or Portal Member, so that you can increase your chances of being voted in.

Please make your choice by clicking on one of the below options.