Congratulations on your decision to become a Core Member of Eternal Vigilance!

You are making a decision that is likely to benefit you for years to come. Let’s be honest, though – it’s a two-way street. If you are ready to make a commitment to join the core level of Eternal Vigilance, which will enable you to participate in all of our portals and will even allow you to vote on important changes to the guild, we need to know your personality is compatible with ours. It is for this reason that an application process exists. We need to make sure you are a fit for us just as much as you will want to be sure that we are a fit for you.

Therefore, our process is geared towards better getting to know you. When you apply to become a Core Member, we aren’t concerned with your skill level in a particular game, your experience, or what you can bring to the table – although we might ask questions like this to learn about you – we just want to make sure you’re the friendly, sociable sort that is likely to mesh well with our members. We also want to ensure you are thoughtful enough to respect our rules, learn about our charter, and that you are likely to make an honest effort to participate in guild functions.

If you would like to proceed with the Core Membership application process, here are the steps you must take:

  1. Introduce yourself on our forums, if you have not already. We have an introduction forum for this purpose. We don’t care how long or in depth your introduction is, but remember, the better we understand your personality, the more comfortable we will feel granting you admission to the Core Membership. Your introduction does not need to state anything in particular – if we want to know something specific about you, we will ask it in our application form.
  2. Interact with members of the community, either by playing games or through communication on Discord. The theory is that we will be able to interact with you and read through your messages and through doing this, get a slightly better feel for what you are like. It also demonstrates that you’ve spent some time around our community and aren’t rushing into anything. The interactions between yourself and the community don’t need to be super high quality, but if they are all extremely short one-liners and your discussions are offensive or spammy, you should be warned that this may reflect poorly.
  3. Once you have completed the two previous steps, you can proceed to complete an application form. The form is located here and at the bottom of this page (you will need to log into our forums to access it). Remember, the previous two steps are required, so your application will be automatically denied if your introduction cannot be found. Take your time with the application and just be yourself. You don’t need to treat it like a job application, but remember the golden rule; if we know very little about you we may feel less comfortable granting you Core Membership. If you complete the form in a way that is almost guaranteed to earn you a denial (it’s far too short, the writing is not easily understood, etc.) the Community Manager will inform you and allow you the courtesy of trying again without using one of your three allowed attempts.
  4. Once you have sent in the application form, it’s largely out of your hands. But don’t disappear! Hang around in our forums and Discord, maybe play some games with us, and so forth – just demonstrate that you’re capable of sustaining activity and interest in the guild. Your application will be pending indefinitely until 3 current Core Members sponsor your application. Once this happens you will be granted Probationary Core Membership for 90 days. Our existing Core Members members will spend these 90 days deliberating over your application – they each have a vote, and each tends to vote based on their own personal values and standards.
  5. Most applicants can expect to hear the results of their application after 3 Core Members sponsor your application. The more positive interactions you have with our members, the earlier you will hear. If your application was successful, our Community Manager will hook you up and welcome you to the community! If it was denied, you are entitled to apply a maximum of two more times.

What optional steps can you take to increase your chances of success?

  • Play games with us.
  • Continue to be active on our forums.
  • Be active on Discord and interact with current members.
  • Get to know our members, make some friends.
  • Write well and in a way that is easily understood.
  • Do not spam our forums with one-line posts.
  • Express an interest in, and knowledge of, our charter – ask questions if you have any!
  • Begin living our Code of Conduct before you are bound to it as a condition of membership.
  • Don’t apply on the first day you find us. Let your presence be felt first so that our members know who you are when they vote.
  • Help us to understand your motivation for joining. We want members who are genuinely interested in making friends and enjoying the community, not those who belong only for the fringe benefits.