Star Citizen is the latest space flight simulator from legendary game developer Chris Roberts. The game is set in a vast persistent multiplayer universe over 900 years in the future. In this universe we (the players) will be able to take on roles such as Solider, Privateer, Bounty Hunter, Industrialist, Merchant, Smuggler, Mercenary, Miner and Explorer. We will be able to fly everything from small single man fighters to huge multi player capital ships, obtain bases, disable and board enemy ships, discover unknown star system, engage in battle… the list goes on and on. This game is a true Sandbox and as such it is ours to do with as we please.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where we can cater to a multitude of playstyles – to do this we will have a Logistics Company with a joint Private Military Company. We will aid each other and promote an inclusive organisation.

Our Logistics company ‘EternaLogistics’, will take on the industrial side of the game – from explorers to data runners, miners to haulers, cargo & freight, and whatever else that will fit in a cargo hold. Our PMC ‘Eternal Intelligence and Security Services (EISS)’, will focus around supplying support and defense, bounty hunting, station patrols, convoy support, mining defense detail, planet-side security and homestead defense – anything that has the potential to be a firefight.

The Star Citizen portal will hit the ground running and will keep moving forward for as long as the game lets us.

The basic structure of the Star Citizen Portal is as follows, please note this is the pre-release setup :

Commander – Rebuc
Lt. Commander – Zorgrim
Lieutenants (Officers)
Enlisted (General Membership)
Recruits (New members)
More in-depth description on the forums

Why join?
Eternal Vigilance is a long standing International Multi-Gaming guild that has been around for years. If you’re looking for a place to call home in your online gaming adventures then there simply is no better place where you will find an organized group of players dedicated to gaming and having fun. We prize our ability to work together to overcome obstacles and take on challenges all the while building lasting friendships.

In regards to our Star Citizen portal we are committed to achieving as much as we can in game as possible. To that end we are accepting players of all play styles and will be organizing the portal in ways that let us achieve our goals while having as much fun as possible. If you’re looking for a fun group of people set to take on this vast universe with you and everything it has to offer look no further than Eternal Vigilance!

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