Halo is an award winning Sci-fi FPS set 500 years in the future. Where humanity faces off against a genocidal alien “Covenant” and other equally unique threats bent on the utter annihilation of the human race. Throughout the series, you play primarily as a SPARTAN Super Soldier. Having gone through grueling training, undertaking surgery to be cybernetically enhanced and given the near indestructible MJOLNIR armor; you are humanity’s last best hope for survival.

With the Master Chief Collection being released on PC, we will be able to play through all of the games as they are released in chronological order. It is our plan to do so regularly in the various multiplayer modes up until the release of Halo Infinite in 2020.

Ours is a very simple one with the Halo Portal; to simply provide an environment for our members to find other like minded Spartan’s to team up with. Be it playing through the campaign, Spartan Op’s, the various versus modes and of course player content created in the Forge. Many of us are long time veterans of the game from the release of Combat Evolved back in 2001, however, we are more than welcoming to new players to the franchise. At the end of the day, we are here for our love of video games and to have fun.

Commander – Arashiku

Lore: The Spartan Company of Eternal Vigilance
With the implementation of the Spartan-IV program; the ranks of the Spartans saw their first increase in membership since Gamma Company of the Spartan-III program. The majority of these IV’s are made up of volunteers from other special forces units, such as the ODST’s. Many of the Spartan-IV’s in the Company hail from this prestigious, often bloody, background. Having fought the Covenant since well before the fall of the planet Reach. Having witnessed the horrors the galaxy can inflict on humanity; and growing up on stories of the horrors humanity inflicted on each other during the insurrection before the war, has forged a particular purpose within the company.

This purpose is the namesake of our Company. Whose members will not only be found on the frontlines, fighting against the latest threats to humanity. But also amongst the shadows guarding against new threats and even at “home” to guard humanity against itself. For we volunteered to dedicate our lives to the greater good and liberty of humanity no matter the cost. The price of that liberty is, as it always has been, Eternal Vigilance.

Why join?
If you’re enthusiastic about Halo and wish to engage with an active community of like minded players. We welcome new and veteran, casual and hardcore players alike.

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