Destiny 2 is a sci-fi FPS looter set in the very distant future. Players must team up in order to push back The Darkness, an enigmatic and malicious force, which seeks to envelope our solar system. Guardians will be forced to unite in team based challenges to halt The Darkness and acquire sweet loot in the process!

Destiny 2 demands high levels of teamwork and communications for success, and we intend to facilitate this type of interaction. The Destiny 2 Portal seeks to bring together players with similar in-game objectives and help new and veteran players alike maximize their Destiny 2 experience. EVD2 focuses on the quality of our membership over quantity and seeks to acquire and retain the most active and engaged Destiny 2 players available.

Commander – Rifs
Executive Officer – The_Warschak

Why join?
If you’re enthusiastic about Destiny 2 and wish to engage with an active community of likeminded players. We welcome new and veteran, casual and hardcore players alike.

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